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Main Sewer Line 

Your main sewer line is the drain pipe that gathers all of your drainage from your home to the street. If this line has a problem, you may have a problem of backed up sewage coming into your home through the drains. The stinking, harmful sewage backup can be very difficult to repair. The moment you realize that you have backing up sewage due to clogging, you need to stop using the water in your home, in order to avoid the likelihood that your basement will get flooded. You should call a professional plumbing service immediately. Plumber Bountiful plumbing service is available 24/7 to assist you when you have a clogged sewer line crisis.

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Clogged Sewer Lines

A clogged sewer line can be quite a challenge because most times, homeowners might assume that they have handled the problem adequately. It is always only a matter of time before the problem reoccurs and the clogging is happening once more. These plumbing problems are usually complicated because there might be other concealed elemental causes of the problems that you see. As a result, you may think that you have resolved the problem, instead, you have the underlying problem still exists.

In the course of time, you will realize that you haven’t addressed the issue when a major clog starts to surface. You might wake up one morning and the water in your toilet is overflowing, your sink drains are backed up, and raw sewage is getting discharged on the floors of the drains in your basement. No need to worry! It is not be too late to call our professional plumbing services. Some damages may have been done, but there is nothing too difficult for us to remedy.

Factor Leading to Sewer Line Clogging

There are numerous factors that can lead to the clogging of your main sewer drain. With so many things that can be put into your drain, it can be very difficult to tell what it was that brought about the clogged sewer line. Failure to have drains professionally cleaned are often another cause of clogged drains. Other factors may include tree roots that break through the sewer draining pipes. Garbage disposals are unable to handle certain types of food items, especially if they are hard or solid. If you pour cooking fat into the drain, it will become solid once it settles inside the drain and will ultimately block the drain system.

You will want to get a fast resolution to your clogged sewer. However, if you don’t find out the reason why the clogging happened in the first place, you will not be able to deal with the problem from its source. This means that the problem will keep recurring and you will incur heavy costs over and over again. Any repair of your sewer mains is bound to get chaotic and unsanitary which is why it is imperative for you to call Your Plumber Bountiful if repairs and replacements of your underground piping are required. We will perform an outstanding job to ensure that we maintain any interruptions to your yard, landscaping, or driveway to a minimum.

Reasons Inspection and Maintenance Are Necessary

It is understandable to think that the work of maintaining and inspecting your sewer should be done by the city’s workers. This, however, is not the case. While most homeowners will get professionals to maintain their roofs, their air conditioning and many other aspects of their home, the plumbing, and especially their sewer line is usually neglected. The sewer line inside your property will always be your responsibility and must be maintained by you. That means that you need to get your sewer line inspected and maintained professionally, which is a job that Your Plumber Bountiful can take care of for you.

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Never Get Caught Up in Sewer Line Emergencies

A sewer line emergency can be a very expensive undertaking that can cause a huge interruption to your daily life. If you want your sewer mains to remain working at optimum performance, you need to have regular sewer inspections and maintenance. This will ensure that you never have to get your sewer repaired or replaced due to an emergency. Our professional plumbers at Your Plumber Bountiful has the expertise to apply the latest technologies to inspect and maintain your sewer line. This guarantees that your sewer is free from clogging in future. It also keeps your system running smoothly and connected properly.

Dealing With Sewer Line Problems Before They Occur

It is beneficial to have your sewer mains maintained and inspected by Your Plumber Bountiful so that you will not have to deal with blockages and backups. Our professional plumbers will also rid your sewer line of debris such as grease, sand, and tree roots. An inspection and maintenance of your main sewer line helps to find out what the real condition of your plumbing system is and with our professional plumbers, we are able to identify any potential problems that can be addressed before they occur.

What to Expect After Inspection and Maintenance

A sewer that is not older than 10 years can be inspected and maintained on a yearly basis. One that is older than 10 years requires a half yearly inspection and maintenance. At Your Plumber Bountiful, we have inspection and maintenance packages that are budget friendly. After we have done a comprehensive job of inspecting and servicing your sewer mains, you will notice a tremendous difference. Your entire plumbing system, particularly the sewer, will have remarkable improvements. Your toilets will work better, flush faster, and the water in your entire drainage system will be clear from discoloration and unsettling noises through the faucets. While most homeowners do not feel that the main sewer line inspections and maintenance are necessary, they can actually make huge savings with these regular maintenance. Keeping your drains and your plumbing system in good condition is part and parcel of your responsibility as a homeowner.

At Plumber Bountiful, we give you a number of options for your sewer line repair, replacement, and installation. You will get free estimates from us and we are always ready and willing to discuss the options available for you. Give us a call today so that we at Your Plumber Bountiful can keep your sewer and drainage in top condition.